Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis _Reply order letter_

PT. Jaya Abadi Electronics

Jln. Raya Merdeka No. 25

Semarang 12345

Your ref : MS / DC /45

Our ref : AN / J / 4S

30th October , 2009

Mr. Rezki Tegar W

Purchase Manager

PT. Tegar Beriman

Jl. Dewi Kunthi no.1

BOGOR 16152

Dear Mr. Rezki

Subject : Purchase Order No. 852

We are pleased to acknowledge your order of 16th October for :

50 Washing Machines Sharf A 1135

50 Washing Machines Denpoo B 250

50 Washing Machines Electrolux Z 125

100 Vacum Cleaner Sharp T 225

50 Vacum Cleaner Sanyo V 1654

We enclose our pro-forma invoice as requested in your letter. The goods will be dispatched by train on receipt of your banker’s transfer.

Sincerelly Yours,

Mr. Green White


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